Xenophobia And Discrimination In Canada

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How are disadvantaged minorities in Canada marginalized and limited to their ethnic communities? Why are they still isolated from Canadian society, despite rights, acts, and welfare put in place by the government? Are these groups still undermined due to years and years of colonialism?
Why is xenophobia in Canada overlooked compared to other countries such as the USA? Do Canadians fear that recognizing it as a societal issue will threaten Canada’s image as a utopian society?
How do reparations from the government affect the victimized groups? Do they really benefit them or are they unnecessary? Do they make up for the damage that has already been done?
Does intolerance within Canadian society develop due to the unwillingness of ethnic groups to assimilate to “Canadian” culture? Are minorities under-represented in the media and shown as stereotypes because they have not assimilated?
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Is multiculturalism a barrier to inclusion, creating isolation between cultural groups?

Hypothesis: If there are major demographic changes within Canada then hate and intolerance within society will increase because people are afraid of changes and feel threatened by the unknown. Hate, prejudice, and discrimination are all psychological phenomenon that originate from fear and ignorance. Therefore, hate and intolerance increase because people develop xenophobia and become prejudiced out of fear or suspicion thus, leading to the development of ethnocentric society, where some ethnic groups are regarded as inferior or are

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