What Is Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord of the flies is a novel written by William Golding which illustrates the actions of man that is destruction to the planet. Lord of the flies is about a group of young children that crash landed on an island and were stranded on an island with no adults, without any parents there was no-one to no rules on the island order the boys soon became wild and their human instinct of killing soon arouse. This is the topic William Golding wanted to highlight in writing the novel. The book defines the true nature of humankind with the presence of civilisation. “Leaders are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do things right.” (Professor Warren G. Bennis, What is Leadership?, Mind Tools Ltd, 1996-2015, accessed 18 05 2015). These are varies type of leaderships but leadership is a skill only a certain group of people are adapted to master, in this case Ralph and Jack in the novel. Ralph is the one who is compassionate and caring; Jack on the other hand acts like a savage beast and is dominant over most of the boys. Being a leader means to you are able to guide people to do tasks right and efficiently by mean of proper planning and encouragement to the rest of his/her followers.…show more content…
There are different types of conflict in the novel but the biggest is the one between Ralph and Jack, where Ralph is a leader who is civilized and tries to keep the order on the island, where as Jack is obsessed with hunting and killing. Jack and his hunters chased Ralph through the jungle out unto the shore where they saw the naval officer; it was the appearance of the officer which stopped the boys from murdering Ralph. if people would act like this in reality , it would mean there would be no civilization an order therefore people should not consider violence as a way to solve the
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