Xenotransplantation Argumentative Essay

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Most people think that xenotransplantation is the best thing that scientists have come up with because it will end the need for organs that we are at a loss of, but in fact, there is more to xenotransplantation than people realize. “Just over 15 years ago, Baby Fae became a household name when American doctors replaced her ailing heart with the heart of a baboon...20 days after the transplant...Baby Fae died.” (Knell 15). Due to the lack of information on xenotransplantation, and lack of knowledge about the diseases included, this family lost their child. It’s very important to know as much a possible about xenotransplantation before you make a decision about your thoughts on it. Because animal organs are not made for humans, the dangers of xenotransplantation for major organs clearly outweighs the benefits. The medical history of xenotransplantation is something people need to take into consideration before agreeing with it. How can you overlook something so important…show more content…
People will give anything to be alive for more than a second disregarding all the other things that could go wrong. “Xenotransplantation is extremely encouraging news for patients who have been waiting a long time because of the shortage of organs.” ( Michael 52 ). Because the news of xenotransplantation sounds so amazing to the people who don’t have current organ donors that they need, they will take any risk to survive, or the family’s will take any risk to save them. Scientist saw an opportunity and jumped at it because, “The most visible means of meeting the demand for donor organs is harvesting organs from other species.” ( Raven-Jackson 12-14 ). The way to go is obviously xenotransplantation because of the lack of human organ donors, but it’s not all good. The only good that comes out of xenotransplantation is hope, but the physical risks are still something of higher importance to take into
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