Xenotransplantation Ethical Dilemma

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The Bio-Ethical Dilemma of Xenotransplantation

Bio-Ethical Dilemma: Is Xenotransplantation a Solution in Humans for Organ Shortfall?
Priyadharishini Rajagopal Seshan
Saint Mary?s University of Minnesota
School of Graduate and Professional Programs
GM675 Management Ethics & Issues
Ricky Ricardo, Instructor
January 21, 2016

Bio-Ethical Dilemma: Is Xenotransplantation a Solution in Humans for Organ Shortfall?
In the medical field, many new and innovative methods are employed to improve the health standards of humans. Xenotransplantation one of the methods that has made quite an impact on people, but it has also raised various ethical questions. Xenotransplantation has both positive and negative consequences, which has raised a heated debate among people. For the past decade, many laboratories have undergone various kinds of research in xenotransplantation. In Particular Mayo clinic laboratory conducts Theresearch about Xenotransplantation and Gene therapy (Christopher G. Mcgregor Overview Xenotransplantation-Gene therapy). The main intent of this paper is to discuss the dilemma that has surrounded the issue of xenotransplantation and also to view the
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Both ethically and morally, some people are not ready to welcome this procedure. Many social movements are protesting for the animals? rights. People are against exploiting animals for the use of humans. Some even claim that thousands of monkeys, chimpanzees and baboons have been experimented on and killed in the course of this cross-species transplant research (Animal welfare and animal rights, n.d.). Through the ethical lens, genetically engineering a pig and killing the animal for its organs seems ethically immoral, and this kind of activity might contradict people?s
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