Xeones: The Battle Of Thermopylae

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A fictional historical book, starts off with Xeones. A scribe forewarns Xerxes that the story contains hateful language, but the King (Xerxes) wants to read exactly what Xeones has to say. Xeones brace life-threatening wounds from the Battle of Thermopylae, and he’s been dead but the Greek god, Apollo, sends him back. To tell the story of the Battle of Thermopylae. Backtracking when Xeones was 9 years old, lost his city to an invading force. He ran to the mountains with his cousin, Diomache, and a slave, named Bruxieus. Xeones continues on to Sparta while Diomache goes to Athens. The Spartans take on Xeones as a helot and give him to Dienekes, an old soldier, as a battle squire. Xeones becomes the sparring partner of Alexandros and a friend to the malcontent…show more content…
Against his mother 's will and the rules of Sparta, Alexandros follows the army into battle. Xeones accompanies him, and they witness how the Spartans fight. The Persian army threatens to invade and take Sparta. The Spartans, under the leadership of Leonidas, select 300 soldiers to go on a suicide mission, among them is Dienekes who was the bravest of the Greek. Picking up allies along the way, a total Hellenic force of about 4,000 prepares to fight a much larger force of Persians. On August 18, 480 BC, the Battle of Thermopylae begins. The Spartans and their allies, do well against the Persians, who must move their troops through a narrow mountain pass onto a battlefield that has a drop-off. The Thespians and Spartans form phalanxes that charge the Persian line from the mountain side of Thermopylae. The Persian line cannot hold against the Greek infantry. Throughout the day, many Persian troops die but only a few Greeks. On the second day of battle, the Persians lose many more. Xerxes learns of a trail that leads behind the Greeks ' position and sends

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