Xeros Technologies Case Study

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Xeros Technologies created an innovative product in the marketplace today. This product is a sustainable washing system that has the potential to change the way the world does laundry. Xeros Technologies is a developer of polymer technologies which work on improving and maintaining the industrial processes today. They have developed a washing system that is innovative and consists of extravagant technologies. This product adds values and provides an environmentally innovate product. The ecological washer and polymer beads create the ultimate washing system. These technologies will provide consumers with exceptional fabric care, untouchable cleaning, and cost savings. This ecological invention uses 50 percent less energy, 50 percent less laundry detergent, and 80 percent less water. That’s a tremendous amount of savings and would be a positive impact on the environment. This product fills the needs of individuals who yearn for an extravagant, but yet cost friendly product. Recently, the XOrb, XDrum and XFiltra was announced, and the combination of these three provides…show more content…
This product aims for families who would like to reduce costs, save water, and are conscious of the environment. Since it’s a washing system, the three innovative components, are geared towards households who may use this. It’s not directed towards individuals who live in apartments, this may not be a market for them. In addition, this products intention is towards countries where water is expensive. “That is important in places where water is expensive, he adds, pointing to figures on dozens of countries where water costs more than $1 per cubic meter. The technology also allows laundry to be washed with less detergent at lower temperatures, which cuts energy bills” (Clark, 2015). The target market is open to many different populations. The commercial washing machines meant to accommodate hotels and commercial

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