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firstly, for the product of Xiaomi ,we can see that Xiaomi's products are everywhere around us, such as mobile phone, Mibox, smart devices , power bank , etc. Let's talk about mobile phone which is the mainly product of both Xiaomi and Samsung , Xiaomi launched two categories of mobile phone , Redmi Phones and Mi Phones respectively. The mainly difference between two categories of mobile phones are the prices , function and the size of monitor. Just like Samsung's galaxy note and galaxy s series .
Besides , for their operating system , Xiaomi's phone operating system is the independent research and development of Xiaomi's MIUI OS system ,which is similar to android system. Samsung's phone operating system is android , which is not launched
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It is because Xiaomi can fix the bugs as soon as possible when their operating system for their phone is getting problems . However , Android is launched by Google so that the problems cannot be solved very quickly .
And the other advantage of having a own operating system for own mobile phone , is it can create a different mobile phone. For instance , Xiaomi can design the system that having special characteristics . In the mobile phone market , many mobile phone companies choose Android for their mobile phone operating system . In my opinion , in order to distinguish oneself , having some special characteristics are required to attract the customers . And Xiaomi can achieve this advantage . Secondly , for the place of Xiaomi , it seems like as Samsung . We can buy their product in electronic product shop , and also they both have their specialist for selling their product only. In addition , Samsung also have partnership with many dealer ,such as Chung Yuen , Fortress , Suning , Wilson , CSL , Smartone , Broadway , China Mobile ,Sun Mobile, etc.
And of course, you can also buy their products on online store which is very convenient
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According to the above cases , we can see that many people was helping Xiaomi to do promotion . And conversely , Samsung is spending money for sending gift to their buyers continuously . In my opinion , I think it is not a effective promotion for a long-term . Since a lot of customers want to buy the product just because of there are many gift for them . On the hand , Samsung's expense increased because of the gift . On the other hand is when Samsung does not longer promote their product in this way , a lot of customers maybe give up to buy their product .
So , I think Xiaomi's promotion is more effective than Samsung in this case .

Fourthly , for the price of Xiaomi's phone , actually , Xiaomi's phone got two categories which are "Redmi Phones" and "Mi Phones". We can define that the cheaper is "Redmi Phones" and the advanced model is "Mi Phones". In Hong Kong market , the price of "Redmi Phones" is around HK$999 to HK$1499 and the other one is around HK$1599 to HK$2399.
Besides , Samsung's launched large amount of models . In the amount , the ultimate model is the mainly product in Samsung's mobile phone market . Currently , "Galaxy S" and "Galaxy note" is the ultimate model and the price is around HK$5198 to HK$5998
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