Xiang Dynasty History

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Xiang Yu (233 BC – 202 BC) was one of the best Chinese prominent military leaders in history. A rebellion who was having a major role in the fall of Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) and at last leaded to the rise of Han Dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE).

Xiang Ji, whose polite name was Yu, was born in Xiaxiang (near modern Suqian, province of Jiangsu). Xiang Yu’s family had served the kings of Chu for generations. His father, Xiang Yan, was a Chu general who was killed in 223 BC during the Qin conquest of Chu. Therefore, Yu was raised by his uncle, Xiang Liang.

When he was young, Xiang Yu studied the art of writing, but failed to master it. After that he learned the swordsmanship, but also failed. His uncle, Xiang Liang
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In secret he gave those laborers the military training. Once, the First Emperor of Qin came on a visit to Kuaiji, when he crossed the Zhe River, Xiang Yu had a glimpse at him and said to his uncle that such First Emperor can be defeated and replaced.

In 209 BC revolts broke out against the Second Emperor, Qin Er Shi. Chen Sheng and Wu Guang started the rebellion. Xiang Liang and Xiang Yu took the call to defeat the Qin Dynasty. In the ninth month, the governor of Kuaji (the southern part of Chu and the south eastern part of the Qin Empire), announced to Xiang Liang, that all west regions of the Yangtze is in revolt. Xiang Liang then framed the governor and ordered Xiang Yu to kill him. Xiang Liang became governor of Kuaji and Xiang Yu was made lieutenant general with task of subduing the districts under the governor’s
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Qin gathered all its forces, led by Zhang Han, who attacked the Chu army, and killed Xiang Liang at the battle of Dingtao.

The governor of Pei and Xiang Yu withdrew from Waihuang and attacked Chenliu, but Chenliu was stoutly defended and they could not conquer it. The discussed what their best plan would be and decided that, since Xiang Liang’s army had been defeated and their soldiers were filled with terror, they had better join the army of Lü Chen and withdraw to the east.
Zhang Han, the Qin commander, have defeated Xiang Liang’s army, considered that the forces of Chu are were no longer worth worrying about. Therefore he crossed the Yellow River and attacked Zhao, inflicting a severe defeat. At this time Zhao Xie was king of Zhao, Chen Yu was in command of the army, and Zhang Er was prime minister. All fled and took refuge within the walls of Julu. Zhang Han ordered Wang Li and She Jian to encircle the city, while himself camped to the south and constructed a walled road along which to transport supplies of grain. Chen Yu, the Zhao general, with a force of some 20,000 or 30,000 men, camped north of Julu. This was the so-called Army North of the

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