Xiaomi Technology Company Case Study

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Beijing Xiaomi Technology company is one of the few tech-oriented multinational companies (MNCs) that use online sales channels to gain a competitive edge. The rapidly changing and highly rival corporate world is fast revolutionizing how both small-scale and MNCs view their business environment: competitors, customers, and opportunities. Primarily, companies tend to emphasize identifying new or redefining their existing marketing strategies to remain profitable and relevant in their respective industries. While Xiaomi’s online approach improved its overall performance, it also caused a series of crises, which can be resolved by diversifying its operations.
Advantages of Channels
Xiaomi’s online sales networks are more beneficial than the traditional concepts. Specifically, the venture’s approach implies three principal online methods: microblog, flagship store on an e-commerce platform, and Tmall (Cue et al. 2). The channels play an integral role in enhancing direct communication with customers while monitoring market changes. Additionally, the company remains well-positioned to interact with their existing and potential consumers closely, thus allowing the
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If I were Lei Jun, I would focus on regaining the company’s competitive edge by developing new marketing models and products. Firstly, I would emphasize product diversification to include TVs, smart shoes, and other home gadgets in my portfolio to impact our diverse consumer base across the globe positively. Additionally, I would invest in extensive R&D to gain a fuller understanding of both low-end high-end markets, which would enhance our ability to access the unexplored international markets in other developing economies, such as Africa. Ultimately, change-driven R&D and strategic diversification will let our company regain its position as a market leader in China and
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