Xmas Carvert Analysis

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The Amazing Xmas Carrot
Probably some of the best known ads are Superbowl ads. They tend to be very fun and humorous. One such ad is called The Amazing Xmas Carrot by ALDI. In this ad it tells the story of a carrot on Christmas Eve that wants to meet Santa. To meet Santa, the carrot has to get to the plate where someone left a mince pie out for Santa. The only problem is that the carrot, named Kevin, has to trek across a Christmas feast to get to the mince pie left for Santa. After crossing the table, he makes it to the plate, falls asleep, then awakes flying above the ground tied to the antlers of Santa’s reindeer. The claim of ALDI is Kevin was helping make Santa’s sleigh fly faster. ALDI had a target audience with this ad, yet I believe that it appeals to many of people. It pulls on your emotions that many of us share, but it also establishes credibility with the ad, though lacks some logic. Along with pulling on your emotions, ALDI also uses some fallacies to help get their point across. For the most part I believe ALDI did a great job with The Amazing Xmas Carrot advertisement, and here is why.
As I mentioned before the author is ALDI. ALDI is a grocery store, with a store located in the northern Ogden area along with a few other places. The purpose of this ad is to sell food, particularly carrots, from their grocery store. ALDI uses the voice of someone telling a story to help sell the food. Due to sounding like it’s telling a story, The Amazing Xmas Carrot seems to
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