Xuanzang: One Of The World's Great Heros

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Xuanzang should be known as one of the world's great heroes. His travels are legendary. He brought true Buddhism to China. His own book provides a unique record of the history and culture of his time. Yet he is unknown to most of us and even to most Chinese. Sun Shuyun, herself brought up in China, was determined to follow in his footsteps, discover more about Xuanzang and restore his fame. So she retraced his journey from China to India and back. In the 8th century, crossing 110 kingdoms, he took 18 years. He opened up the east and west of Asia to each other - and to us. A man of great faith and determination, Xuanzang won the hearts of kings and robbers with his teaching, his charm and his indomitable will. Against all odds he persuaded the Confucian emperors to allow Buddhism to flourish in China. At the heart of this book lies Sun Shuyun's own personal journey towards understanding the Buddhist faith of her grandmother, recognizing also the passionate idealism of the…show more content…
Becaue practicing that religion was illegal. Only the stories of Xuanzang and his achievement are allowed to be spread. In her years of growth, Xuazang had taken the power of importance of the imagination in china by an enchanted monkey.

Xuanzang got frustrated, after a few years of study, with the doctrinal contradictions of the different schools of Buddhism. He then planned to search for the genuine message of the Buddha in India. This expedition was finished 18 years later. His journey became the core of the enchanted monkey. But he went on the journey without the use of the Monkey’s protection. When leaving Xian, Xuanzang contravened the emperor by which he had to give his apologies to the emperor. After everything Xuanzang left the monastic life, he devoted the rest of his life to translating the

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