The Influence Of Xuanzang's Journey

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Xuanzang should be known as one of the world's great heroes. His travels are legendary. He brought true Buddhism to China. His own book provides a unique record of the history and culture of his time. Yet he is unknown to most of us and even to most Chinese. Sun Shuyun, herself brought up in China, was determined to follow in his footsteps, discover more about Xuanzang and restore his fame. So she retraced his journey from China to India and back. In the 8th century, crossing 110 kingdoms, he took 18 years. He opened up the east and west of Asia to each other - and to us. A man of great faith and determination, Xuanzang won the hearts of kings and robbers with his teaching, his charm and his indomitable will. Against all odds he persuaded…show more content…
But she only took Xuanzang serious when an academic told her what his contributions were to Indian’s history. She did a research on him in several books and then she went on his journey! Het travel was exciting and puzzled at the same time, that was what made it challenging for her, but easier than Xuanzang’s. when she went back to Mao after some years, of the 200,000 monasteries that there were in ’49, only 100 of them remained intact.
Xuanzang’s journey and achievements have made a huge impact in the records of history. If it was not for his guide other Buddhist sites would not have been discovered. Sun was refused to go to Uzbekistan and Afghanistan was restricted from her. For her the journey was amazing, because she felt what it means te be a Chinese and she was inspired by him.

This book was interesting. It is a lot different from what I am used to reading. The book was not bad, but not that I loved it; I am not stating that I did not like it, I am stating that is was not of my taste. The journeys and challenges were interesting. I do understand that this book is not literally ten thousand miles without a cloud, with that the writer meant think of your mind as the sky, and the clouds as everything that goes through your mind. In other words it is ten thousand miles with a clear mind, without thinking of anything or anyone. Just clear thought to guide you on your

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