Gum Synthesis

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In this experiment, I have investigated the research question: “How the chemical xylitol helps in protecting the enamel of the tooth?”
The intake of xylitol in body is basically done by using chew gum. Chew gum is a soft, sticky substance for chewing not swallowing. It is basically made up of: Gum base (raisin, wax and elastomer), flavoring and sweeteners. The gum of chewing gum is basically made up of long molecules which helps it in getting stretched. Gum base is made of three kinds of ingredients which give gum its special properties:

• Resin - the main part (the product we chew)
• Wax - softens the gum
• Elastomer - adds flexibility (so it can take the shape as per needed.)
Tooth enamel is one of the four major tissues that
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It can vary in thickness and hardness on each tooth, from tooth to tooth and from person to person. It can also vary in color (typically from yellowish to grayish white) depending on variations in the thickness, quality of its mineral structure and surface stains. Enamel has no blood or nerve supply within it. It is enamel’s hardness that enables teeth to withstand blunt, heavy masticatory forces. Enamel is so hard because it is composed primarily of inorganic materials: Roughly 95% to 98% of it is calcium and phosphate ions that make up stronghydroxyapatite crystals. Yet, these are not pure crystals, because they are carbonated and contain trace minerals such as strontium, magnesium, lead, and fluoride. These factors make “biological hydroxyapatite” more soluble than pure…show more content…
It’s a natural sweetener that can be extracted from any timbered fibrous plant. For commercial purpose it’s extracted from two sources: corncobs or hardwoods. The end product extracted from both the sources is same; but the procedure is not same. Corncobs are the preferred source for xylitol, it is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Corncobs are a renewable resource and are normally waste at the end of the season. Using corncobs that take 5 months to grow as a source for xylitol is much more sustainable than using trees that take 20 years to grow as a source for xylitol. DuPont Chemical is the only company that makes xylitol from wood.
It is also denoted as sugar alcohol or polyalcohol. The formula of sugar alcohol is CH2OH(CHOH)3CH2OH. It is an achiral isomer of pentane-1,2,3,4,5-pentol. It is crudely as sweet as sucrose, but is with approximately 33% less calories per weight. It is actively beneficial for dental health because it helps in reducing cavities as well as remineralization of deeper layers of demineralized enamel, as well as it also helps in middle ear

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