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XYZ Pharma Case Part 1 1. What are the objectives? The objective is to focus on products that will maximize value and reduce costs. With this prioritization of projects that increase sales, projects that aren’t beneficial and are not yielding the required results, will be ended. 2. What are the constraints? There are budget and time constraints. The discovery and development of drugs risky process that can consume a lot of time and money. The longer it takes to get develop a new drug, the more money it will cost and if the drug ends up harming participants that test new drugs, that will be a lot of money down the drain. Also, there are chances the drug will have a low return on investments because of generic drugs that sell for cheaper. 3. What are the risks involved? There are many risks involved when dealing with pharmaceutical products. There are technical risks and commercial risks. That technical risks would involve drugs that never make it into the market after a lot of time and money has been wasted on it. There is a lot of financial risks during the research and development phase because most products get discarded before they reach the…show more content…
Also calculate the project’s cost and present value. This is the information I would use to determine the value of the project. When it comes to what additional information I would collect, it would have to be data from previous attempts of the project, whether they succeeded or failed, and also research competitors attempt at the project. This information would allow a good estimate on launching costs and other additional costs as well as revenue. The most helpful tools I would use to determine project risk would be linear programming and forecasting. Both of these can be used to achieve the best possible

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