YCJA Pros And Cons

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The YCJA, Youth Criminal Justice Act is a federal law was proposed in 2002 and came into effect on April 1 in 2003. The main purpose of this act is to separate youth offenders aging from 12 to 17 from the adults and immaculately protect the right of youth offenders to the maximum and provide rehabilitation and reintegration for them, because the rights of youth offender outweigh the safety of the public. In addition, a particularly successful policy is the rehabilitation and reintegration of youth offenders, this policy is clearly illustrated by the Medicine Hat case. An essential policy of the YCJA is the rehabilitation and the reintegration of youth offenders, this policy provides assistance for youth offenders to realize the crucial mistake they’ve made in the…show more content…
During her rehabilitation process, she was rehabilitated psychologically because she was placed in a psychiatric institution and getting treatment from committee members. As apart of her sentence, she was allowed to live in a grouped home and enroll in a university after she received her high school diploma by learning in jail as a start on her reintegration into the real world. Lastly, While there are some weak aspects of the YCJA such as the media ban because this policy endangered the public. However, the positive aspect of the YCJA such as the rehabilitation and reintegration outweighs the negative by providing guidance for youth offenders and ensure they have a better future. Helping youth offenders is important because it makes the youth offender recognize their past mistake and decrease their chance in committing a crime again. It is vitally important to ensure the rights of youth offender, it is also crucial to secure the supremacy of rights and freedoms of all canadian which is entrenched in the charter of rights and freedom the the canadian
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