Yael Naim: The New Soul

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In many old legends and tales, the writer starts off the protagonist 's life with the line, “Long ago, in a faraway land…” and go on from there, embellishing the story as they go along. I am not a protagonist of a story or anything. I was born and raised in Vietnam until I moved to America at the age of four. I have been living here ever since. I am just a inconspicuous sophomore who likes to draw in her free time. If, for argument’s sake, I were to be the lead role of a story, I would not be interesting to the readers. However, there are moments which I believed are momentous to me.

This soundtrack is an anthology of music I find I can relate to with my life. I created this soundtrack because the lyrics in these songs express everything
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I was terrified of everything. When I first arrived, my biggest challenge was overcoming the language barrier. Instead of hearing words whenever anyone spoke, it sounded like they were mumbling nonsense. The new environment felt incredibly overwhelming to the five-year-old me. Yet, I also felt excited and happy to be there, to be with other children and be at school. But, being an immigrant child at the time, I did not understand the culture. As my solution, I followed what my classmates did without any knowledge of whether it was right or wrong. Without even understanding what I did, I made many mistakes and got into a heap of…show more content…
During the fifth grade, I was in the “Percy Jackson” phase. It all started out with me buying the first book of the series at Savers. After reading it, I bought the entire book series in under two weeks. I was (still am) head over heels for it. I even took the time to read Greek myths and do research on the Greek gods and goddesses so to have a better understanding of the series. The song describes how I whenever I read any of the books. When I listen to the catchy pop beat and strong vocals of the singer, I would imagine all the battle scenes in the series. It made me feel like a warrior, someone as brave and courageous as Percy. He has been one of my role model from a very young age, even though he is a fictional character. I suppose that deep, deep down I wanted to be like Percy Jackson: a hero. Someone who will be remembered for
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