Yahaira Ramirez Case Study

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Ms. Ramirez came to the office for the scheduled office visit. She stated that Yahaira was with her brother. The SW created a timeline with Ms. Ramirez about her life. Ms. Ramirez stated by saying that when she was 4 years old, her sister was born and she had to take her. When she was seven years old she recalled not having a stable housing. Her mother worked and different family members would care for her siblings and her. When she was 8 year old a 19 year old cousin tried to sexually abuse her. She told her aunt but she did not believe her so did not say anything to her mother. When she was ten years old she experienced bullying in school due to her body shape. She did not told anybody about it. When she was 16 years old, she stopped attending school and started working in a factory. Also she met the father of her daughter. At 18 years old, her mother came to the United States and she took over the mother role of taking care of her siblings. At 19 years old, she started going out and drink socially. When she was 20 years old, she got pregnant and the body father left her. Her grandfather did not approve of her been pregnant without getting marriage…show more content…
Ramirez stated that she never knew her father and did not had a relationship with him. She stated that her daughter is experiencing the same because she does not have a relationship with her father ether. SW asked Ms. Ramirez if she experienced domestic violence when she was growing up. She stated that her step-father used to drink a lot and that she remember her mother and step father arguing but the memories are not clear. She stated that she does not want to ask her mother. She stated that there was a time that her mother and siblings had to leave the house and spend the night outside and she thinks was because of her step-father. The SW asked Ms. Ramirez if she experienced domestic violence with any of her partner. The SW explained to Ms. Ramirez the different types of domestic violence. Ms. Ramirez stated
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