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In Prisoner B-3078 by Alan Gratz, Yanek is a young boy who gets captured by Nazis and brought to the holocaust. As months come he gets transported to different concentration camps daily. Yanek finds ways to survive the holocaust, using courage, determination, and being fortunate. These traits help him succeed in his main goal, survival.
While in the concentration camp, Yanek takes courage when talking back to a guard. During a new camp while working Yanek is asked to come forward by a kapo, the kapo punches Yanek in the face where his nose begins to throb. On page 199, Yanek exclaims, “What did you do that for, I cried. What did I do. I knew I shouldn't have said anything.” Like Yanek had, most prisoners would not dare to answer back to the guard. Which would take a lot of courage especially in Yaneks situation.
Later on in a work camp, Yanek gets very determined
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He gets saved by the Americans, where they bring him to America, which causes him to feel proud that he has survived. On page 256, Yanek says, “I stepped on board the train and didn't look back. For nine years I had done everything I could to survive. Now it was time to live.” Yanek made it, he survived, nine years of torture and he made it alive. Yanek also shows this trait when coming back to his hometown. Where he thought he had lost everyone, but realizes he still has family, Yanek is very fortunate that he still has family and that he is not alone.
In conclusion, Yanek's courage, determination, and feeling of fortunate all helped him to achieve his main goal, survival in Prisoner B-3078. He has come a long way from being tortured, beaten, and starved to death, he's lost most of his family, but realizes his cousin is still alive. When Yanek gets saved he waits three years to receive papers to go to the United States Of America. He has said goodbye to all the his bad memories, and moves on to welcome his new life, knowing to always appreciate what you
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