Yankee Candle Store Case Analysis

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First impressions are important in aiding consumers with not just purchasing a product, but giving their time in the store longevity. The transition zone is a safe space for customers to pause and take in their surroundings. It is the “landing strip”, the calm before the storm. This is where a customer can pause to adjust to lighting, smell and other sensory entities. It allows them the option of screening the store before committing to it fully. (Implications, 2004). The transition zone is a neutral environment which wastes customers time, so that when the begin to focus on the merchandise the store is offering, they’re only just past the transition zone, so the value of the stores advertising and merchandise has
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This can overwhelm a customer, leaving a bad feeling in connection with the shop, which can prevent their return. It acts as a barrier to the retention of customers. Discounter stores, however, can do this because of the value for money that they offer, knowing that most customers will come back because of how cheap products are. The Yankee Candle store is small, so therefore the transition area must, too, be small and succinct, so as not to take up too much of the floor space. The advantage of Yankee Candle when compared to other smaller stores’ transition area, is the perfumed product. The smell of Yankee Candles actually reaches the customer from the door, and this USP propels the customer further. It means that they are more likely to pass the initial transition area and complete the obligatory/ cursory loop of the store. As Yankee Candle has a very specific aim as a store, in that it mainly sells a very specific type of product, the transition stage is not actually all that important to the store’s makeup. This is also true because of the smaller size of the store. It does, however, allow the customer to stop and take in the beautiful array of colour coded candles which line the walls, as well as…show more content…
It is generally advised that key merchandise be placed close, but not too close to the transition zone, so that it may be one of the first products that a person will begin to focus on. Again, because of the product specificity of the Yankee Candle store, not is not really necessary. The customer knows that the key product is the larger, bell shaped glass jar signature Yankee Candle. The vibrant fragrance and equally vibrant colours draw the customers to the store, most of whom have a previous knowledge of the company’s candles, and perhaps even a favourite scent, which will guide them through the store, without much need for a transition zone. Where the transition zone does hold its own though, with reference to the Yankee Store, is that it is quite minimalistic, offering a decent decompression space for customers to relax into the shop. Again, the fragrances aid this transition. The fact that there is no door to the shop (during opening hours) allows customers to effortlessly enter the store, but it does mean that the transition period will actually begin when

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