Yann Martel's Life Of Pi: Book Vs. Movie

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Life of Pi, Book vs. Movie
Yann Martel’s critically acclaimed novel “Life of Pi” has been made into a film by director Ang Lee. When making a movie it is often that the director has to cut some material, but how did Lee stay true to Martel’s story? Johannes Kårevik will compare the film and novel, and find critical differences.
Taking into account the grant winning novel of the same name by Yann Martel, Life of Pi takes after the stunning story of a young person named Piscine "Pi" Molitor Patel who ends up lost adrift after his family's payload boat soaks in a storm. In any case Pi is not the only one on this adventure and must get by in a packed raft with four creatures from his family's zoo—A hyena, an orangutan named Orange Juice, a harmed
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The men have some major snags accepting his story and request that he let them know reality. Pi recounts a second story that straightforwardly reflects his to begin with, however rather than animals; he is stranded on the raft with his mom, a cook, and a mariner. The similitudes between the two stories make it clear that his mom represents Orange Juice, Pi represents Richard Parker, the mariner represents the zebra and the cook represents to the hyena. While both book and film have the same consummation, their tones are much distinctive and can lead the gathering of people to diverse conclusions. In the novel, Pi seems irritated with the two men and practically appears to recount to them the story so hopefully they will allow him to sit unbothered. Anyway the similitudes constrain the peruser to choose which story is valid. At the point when Pi recounts the story in the film, he gets to be unmistakably disturbed, particularly when depicting his mom's demise. Where the consummation of the book is significantly more uncertain, the tone of the film appears to recommend that Pi made up the story with Richard Parker so as to adapt to the shocking things that happened on his
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