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I 'am Yaritza Chavarria, I have a three year old boy. I 've been single for about a year and half. I have three siblings, two brothers and one sister. My mom and dad are seperated, they got seperated when I was a few months old. I see my dad every now and then. My grandmother raised me since I was little, she is more like a mother to me.

I was born in Odessa, Tx on February 9, 1993. I started elementary school at Noel, then I went to Crockett Jr High School. After that I graduated Odessa High School. While I was in high school I learned a lot of new things that I didn 't know I knew about. I met quite some friends, but once you graduate you loose some of those friends.

I 'am a part-time student, due to having a full-time job as a Sales Representative at HSB Insurance Agency. I live with my mother for now until I 'm able to get myself an apartment. My three year old son 's name is AJ, he keeps my hands full on a daily basis. I 've learned so much with him it amazes me. He helped me grow to the person I 'am today. I 'm forever thankful to God for allowing me to become a
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Surgical Technology has always been one of my dreams since I was young. My main goal is to receive my Associate 's Degree. It will make my life better due to all the job opportunities the medical field has to offer. I 've always been interested in working in the surgical field. Open wounds or seeing blood does not disgust me at all. I personally think its something new to learn about the Human Body.

My past has influenced me in so many ways, also because I 'm a single mother. It pushes me to improve more in life. If I can get through this first goal, I think I 'am able to get through anything.I lived a very rough life, and I think its never to late to start college. Patience is the key to success, and it will take you
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