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Introduction In spite of transformation and speedy technological enlargement within the field of the spinning process, ring spinning remains the leading spinning technology even these days. Within the spinning method of staple yarns, spinning triangle is very necessary. It controls the distribution of fiber tension within the spinning triangle and therefore the quality of spun yarns also improves. Barella (1983) found that the yarn hairiness includes a major result of yarn strength, spinning effeciency, weaving and knitting performance additionally to the properties of resultant materials made of such yarns, principally their pilling tendency and uneven dye uptake. Liu and Su (2016) ascertained that the yarns made by the diagonal feeding in ring spinning can enhance on…show more content…
Wang and Huang (1999) were determined that the yarn hairiness of Z twist yarn caused by the fibres that are situated on the left side of the spinning triangle. And also observed that for ‘Z’ twist yarn, the fibres present in the left side of the spinning triangle is more uncontrolled in nature instead of the right side of the spinning triangle due to this it roots the hairiness of the yarn. Figure 2 Spinning triangle of (a) Normal path yarn (b) Left diagonal path yarn (c) Right diagonal path yarn The spinning triangle behavior of the various paths of yarns shown in figure 2. The left, centre and right side fibre of the spinning triangle for normal path yarn is mentioned as L, C and R respectively and it is shown in figure 2 (a). OL, OC and OR represent the theoretical fibre length of the left, centre and right side of the spinning triangle. Figure 2(b) and 2 (c) represent the similar

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