Yas Qween Persuasive Speech

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The best moments from “Broad City” we’ll be quoting forever (-- removed HTML --) We’re not saying that it’s the best show on TV… just kidding, we totally are! Broad City is arguably the most real, down-to-earth TV show you’ll ever watch. Showing you what it’s like to be a pot-loving millennial, this show makes you laugh so hard you’ll forget all your cares and worries. It’s never not the perfect time to quote Broad City. Here’s a few of the best to get you started. YAS QWEEN Of course, we had to put your favorite first. Yas qween is such a versatile saying, it can be used for any occasion. Your best friend is slaying? Yas qween. Your crush asks you on a date? Yas qween. Your squad asks if you want to get some McDons?
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