Yayasan Sosial Wanita Malaysia Case Study

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1. REGISTERED ADDRESS AND DETAIL OF FOUNDATION ADDRESS  C/O RAVI LALITHA, RADEHAYATI & ASSOCIATES 32- A- A, 1ST Floor, LorongBayuTinggi 4C, Taman BayuTinggi 42000 BRANCH  KLANG DATE OF REGISTRATION  12TH MAY 2008 CONTACT  03-33259096/33239097 2. BACKGROUND The Yayasan Sosial Wanita Malaysia was officially established on 12 May 2008 to act as a consultative coordinating and advisory body to raise the status of the women and their participation in National development. It has acts as an independent and viable organization pursuing their own programs, add they lend strength and solidarity. The Formation of Yayasan Sosial Wanita Malaysia was the major step in the history of our country. Unity, Understanding, Cooperation, scarifies…show more content…
• Conducts training courses and workshops in the areas of women for the benefit of women throughout the country; • Organizes luncheon talks and lecture series related to women to government agencies, public organizations ; and • Strategies plan and implement programmers’ to generally support the mission and vision Yayasan Sosial Wanita Malaysia. 5. vision To be the catalyst in providing visionary and leadership roles including setting priorities and broad policy directions to promote and enhance the advancement of women. Yayasan Sosial Wanita Malaysia continues to be the leading advocate of women’s human rights in sustainable development and advancement of society. 6. mission Yayasan Sosial Wanita Malaysia is established to dedicate to training, research and knowledge management in collaboration with the diplomatic community, private sector, academia and civil society to ensure empowerment of women. To unite women’s organizations to respect, protect and fulfill women’s human rights, promote the development and advancement of women at all levels, advocate and monitor the full participation and representation of women in decision making. 7. Organization…show more content…
The Formation of Yayasan Sosial Wanita Malaysia was the major step in the history of our country. Unity, Understanding, Cooperation, scarifies conviction, and determination form the corner stone of their trustees. The sustained and dynamic leadership of Yayasan Wanita Sosial Malaysia has enabled other women organization to pursue their programmers’ in more positive and constructive manner. Yayasan Sosial Wanita Malaysia is under the purview of the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development. It has been organizing programmers on training and capacity building for women in all areas which have been identified as crucial to the empowerment of women such as Women in Politics and Economy, Women in Education and ICT, Women in Health and Violence against Women. Yayasan Sosial Wanita Malaysia is also involved in grass root level community projects besides education and awareness programs. It recognizes the need to empower community of the ethnic minority. Continues human rights training programs targeting women have been conducted all over the country. Yayasan is also working as smart partner with the Health Ministry conducting their health conscious programs under the Lembaga Promosi Kesihatan Malaysia and currently an Obesity control program is conducted in various areas. Yayasan has been empowering women through good well being in a supportive enabling environment into equal rights, opportunities in

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