Yayoi Kusama Influence

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For people who likes art, art is beautiful; it is a part of history, past experience and what an individual imagines. However, for the artist it is a part of his/her life, it is the perception the artist holds about events around and serves as a way to demonstrate history. Therefore, any piece of art was influenced by various factors. These factors range from economic, political, social and many more. Taking the factors discussed above, the following paper discusses the factors that influenced the style of Yayoi Kusama’s installations. Yayoi Kusama is a famous Japanese artist. Her works draw attention of thousands of people from around the world. Her artworks are developed across a broad range of media. The works were influenced by different factors including social conditions, period of time, personal life, but the major influences of her installations are personal influences at childhood and mental illness.
In her entire career, Kusama continues to reexamine multiple themes and ideas through the use of repetitive patterns and brightly colored paintings. As said
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Between 1958 and 1972 Yayoi Kusama was living and working in New York. In retrospective exhibition of her work by Center for International Contemporary Art, Munroe noted that Kusama is an artist who fits in diverse areas, and yet she has for a long time stood alone (par. 3). Her art is done in different genres and can be categorized in Surrealism, Symbolism, Pop Art and Minimalism. There are unique reflections of obsession and sexual sensibility that relates to her childhood. While describing her work critics and artists related to her personality, childhood and mental condition she suffers from. For example, Munroe states, “Her work is pure and polymorphously perverse, intuitively systematic and a little mad; relentless repetition is its most characteristic strategy” (par.
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