Year 10 Health Assignment

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Year 10 Health Assignment


There is an obesity epidemic in Australia affecting over half our population. Obesity or being overweight can have a serious impact on peoples physical and mental health. Obesity comes with plenty of risk factors which can affect a person's health.
This epidemic is having an impact on children, they are more prone to obesity affecting their health due to outside influences.

Risk factors/Facts.

Being overweight or obese can have a serious impact on health. Carrying extra fat leads to serious health consequences.
The condition overweight/obesity come with a lot of risk factors, all of which will cause minor & severe health defects.

*An unhealthy lifestyle can quickly or over a long period of
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For sugary soft-drinks, portion sizes have increased, and consumption of sugary energy drinks has soared, causing high levels of blood sugar.
These influences on society increase the chance of over-eating or eating junk foods, and the chance of weight gain.

Obesity in children is a rising epidemic, and children are more prone to obesity, this is closely associated with obesity and health problems in children.
This condition is most commonly seen in adults, but it is now also commonly being diagnosed in children, due to bad eating habits and binge eating influenced by media and advertising.
Australia's sports kings are sponsored by allot of soft drink and fast food brands, and adverts in the media such as Mcdonalds targets children because they are easily influenced.
Children are more prone to obesity due to marketing techniques targeting to influence young kids to eat badly, which commonly results in eating
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