Year Round Schedule Essay

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It has come to my attention that our school is considering changing to a year-round schedule. I understand that this schedule involves having three-week breaks in between each nine weeks as opposed to having a long summer break. I robustly agree with the new year round schedule, because not only does it aid students, it also aids our flourishing minds. First and Foremost, summer with our current schedule is about three months. Three months without worries, stress, tests, and learning. Every student knows the struggle of trying to get their brain on track again. It’s arduous to try to remember something you learned so long ago, when it has already faded away mid-summer break. Studies have shown that over our three month break, students will…show more content…
With the year- round schedule a fall break would be included. Cutting down summer also contributes to the fact that we would have longer breaks. Our spring break would be changed from one week to three. Our winter break would be changed from two weeks to three. Adding more breaks in the school year provides shorter days of just straight learning. When school starts, we have seventy days of just straight days of learning, and then we have Thanksgiving break which stayed it’s normal three days off. On the contrary, If we took the year-round schedule, we would have forty-five days of learning, and then we’d have a fifteen day fall break. After the Christmas season has ended, instead of fifty five days of straight learning, we’d have forty five. The longer our straight days of learning, the more stress and lack of sleep we would gain. In fact, teens of our current generation need approximately eight to ten hours of sleep a night. Currently, only 15% of this population gets the healthy amount of sleep on school nights. If we shortened the straight days of learning, students would lose stress on breaks, and wouldn’t have to spend three hours a night trying to finish homework. Our brains don’t fully finish growing until we are well into our twenties. More sleep and less stress will tremendously help our brains grow to their full
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