Year Round School Essay

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An issue that is hotly debated is if there should be year-round schools or not. Some people think year-round school is beneficial, but there is evidence why there should not be year-round school. The first school was made at 1635 and there has schools that had the full summer break since then (“First Public School in America”). Since schools have been successful with an full summer break till now there is no need to change to year-round schools. There should not be year-round schools because it disrupts events in the summer, cost more money, and messes up schedules.

One reason why there should not be year-round schools is because year-round schools disrupt events in the summer. First of all people are losing the vacations they have in summer. For example Over 2.5 million school children have not had summer vacation because of school districts having year round schools. (“Year-round education: Is summer vacation over... forever?”). This is significant because a great deal of children that had summer vacations before year round schooling have lost it because of year round schooling. Another piece of evidence would be that people are losing educate that they get in summer. 71 percent of adults not just including parents state that kids get educate from lessons during the months of summer by pursuing, working, athletics, or attending camp (“Year-round education: Is summer vacation
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The claim and evidence extremely matter because year round schooling can cause a lot of families to lose family time/vacations, as well as face a severe money loss which money could be used for charity etc. Also year-round schools can mess up schedules which can cause major problems/issues with events after school. This topic is very important for people to know about because any persons school can change to year round school and face these
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