Essay On Year Round School System

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America is a great country with a lot of opportunities and success, but one area that needs development is the education system. There are three applicable changes that can be made so America’s education system can be better and more efficient. America’s education system is moderately outdated; the basic format of the education system was contrived when America was an agricultural society, and so students had to have summers off to help their families work on the farms, but since America has become more of a suburban nation, the need for the average three month summer vacation is obsolete. A good alternative to the nine month school system would be the year round school system. Another problem with the education system derives from the lack…show more content…
Lots of time at the beginning of the school year is spent in the ‘catch-up’ phase, where students have to relearn or review old concepts they might have forgotten in the summer. This is a result to the problem of “summer learning loss.” Studies done report that students’ test scores after summer vacation decrease by a month’s worth of lessons, which within those scores, the math skills are more negatively affected. Also, students from historically disadvantaged races, such as blacks and latinos are more negatively affected when it comes to learning loss due to summer break. A good way to help combat this problem would be by having year round schools. Students who attend year round schools have the same number of attendance days that normal students have, just the breaks are more evenly dispersed throughout the year. By breaking up the amount of breaks during the school year, students are still able to recharge, but not for such a long time that they start to forget what they learn in school. Most schools around the world have the format of year round schools, and American students would benefit by adopting this
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