Year-Round School Vs All-Year School

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Tired of learning material during a school year, only to forget it during summer break? All-year school is becoming more popular throughout the United States. School systems are rapidly changing to this new phenomenon. If students went to school year round, there would a more efficient time schedule, less material forgot, and in the end, the students would have more days off. Every day, students struggle with the problem of time. Kids would no longer be wasting their time away doing fruitless activities and wasting their valuable break. Well, with all-year school, students could not waste time as easily as before. One would not have to worry about squandering a break either, for they have many more to come. All year school offers students a better way to spend their time. Kids are, and have always been, forgetting the precious educational material that they had received the year previous. With the new year-round school system, students would no longer be as prone to forget the…show more content…
In the old system, if students were to have an abundance of school days, their summer would be drastically shortened. The year-round system offers a consistent, and rational schedule, with no hidden costs. That’s the thing, the old system seems great until one learns how unstable the whole thing really is. All in all, student would be able to enjoy more time away from school if they participated in year-round school. Though some may say summer break is a much needed time away from school, the facts are clear, all-year school is more beneficial to the student. Either way, school is necessary in any path you choose. It would be an outrage if someone were to squander the chance they have to receive education. For once, it might be better to go with the new option, the change. Wouldn’t you want your child do have the best education system
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