Year-Round Schooling Benefits

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Year-round schooling exchanges summer vacation for several shorter breaks at different times of the year. Both Year-round schooling and traditional schooling have 180 days. Even though they have the same amount of days, Year-round schooling can improve a child’s academic achievement, give students an opportunity to regenerate more frequently, and may help financial expenses. Deciding whether or not to put your child in this kind of schooling is an important decision. Personally, I believe Year-round schooling is a great idea. It is a great idea to do Year-round schooling because it can improve a child’s academic achievement. The schedule can make it easier for students to access tutoring and they are less likely to forget material over a short break than a long summer vacation. Tests show that about 2.6 months of learning is lost during the summer, and Year-round schooling is a solution for that, according to an article on National Association for Year-round Education’s website. Also scores for ACT testing increased for students who participate in Year-round schooling. Increasing by about 2.34 points in math and 1.61 points in reading, according to Statistic Brain’s website. Out of about 98,000 schools…show more content…
Many times students go on vacation of the summer breaks and the winter breaks. At these times booking hotels or flights cost more, so traveling off season can save you a lot of money. Many times parents have to work full time over the summer, so that makes it difficult for them to find a full time sitter. During smaller breaks, they can be sent to a friends house or other relatives. Also Year-round schooling can save the school money too. It allows school facilities to be used more because they are not sitting empty for many months during summer break. So not only does Year-round schooling help with family expenses, but it could help with
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