Year-Round Schooling In America

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Year-Round Schooling in America What do you think about having multiple and longer vacations a year? How would you like not relearning the lessons you have already learned? With year-round schooling you can accomplish this. Year-round schooling offers more opportunities for the parents and students. Students can experience more socialization than they do in the summertime. Year-round schooling has more advantages than just regular public schooling. By starting year-round schools across the country we will be able to make education in America worth it by providing With year-round schools it will bring better education to the students that are taking classes at that school. As David Hornak says, “people are now more aware of the negative impact…show more content…
Did you know that four percent of the schools part of year-round education are public? Eleven percent of the schools are charter schools. What are charter schools you ask. A charter school is a school that receives funds from the government but operates independently. Most charter schools are privately owned. Schools that have no air can start earlier and get out sooner. There are schools that have a late start, let’s make the late start to early start and early release. This method will save the schools a lot of money by saving it by starting sooner in the day. Most students disagree about the plan to change the hours because they complain of getting up too early. Most kids get up at five-thirty…show more content…
A lot of people think that the children are in school all year long with no more breaks than the normal ones. They are wrong, because the number of days the children are in school is actually the same as it is now. “This year-long school calendar, which holds a tight grip on the attitudes of Americans, has recently showed signs of loosening,” D. Van Scotter, Richard. “Contemporary World Issues: Public Schooling in America.” Richard D. Van Scotter, Library of Congress, Richard D. Van Scotter, 1991., us students should take a stand on getting year-round schooling to be our schedule to follow everyday. So to narrow it down, basically the students get a better advantage because they get breaks in between the days they are in school. Another mistake people make is that they are in school straight through then get the break afterwards. They are wrong. There are many breaks in

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