Year-Round Schools

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Questions about education always are debatable- how to improve it, how students can get possible education, what is the best way to teach students, etc. A constant discussion in the USA – should schools be in session year round? When schools just started to work, summers were necessary because children needed to do farm work, however nowadays summer vacation from school does not have any more that purpose. Year-round education is a concept which reorganizes the school year to provide more continuous learning by spacing the long summer vacation into shorter, more frequent vacations throughout the year (Johnson). Year-round schools may be on a single-track or multi-track schedule. A single-track schedule generally calls for an instructional year of 180 days, with short breaks (or inter sessions) interspersed throughout the school year. A multi-track schedule staggers the instructional and vacation/intersession periods of each track throughout the entire year, so that some students are receiving instruction while others are on vacation (Kneese). If the government changes school schedule from traditional to year-round, it will have effects on the family and the community, because if the school schedule changes- all other organizations will need to…show more content…
In addition, teachers could choose to substitute teach during breaks to earn additional money, because year-round schools provide opportunities for salary enhancements through substitute and/or intersession employment. Worthen and Zsiray found out that teachers in year-round schools have better attitudes toward school, exhibit less absenteeism, teachers feel more professional, and however they report greater stress while in session, but less burnout symptoms through the
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