Yearly Reflection Report

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Jocelyn Chan Ms.Heaney, Period 5 English 3-4 Honors 20 January 2016 Expected School-wide Learning Results Yearly Reflection During the past school year, I have exhibited qualities of a Champion of Scholarship in the following ways: As a Critical and Creative Thinker: I have received and evaluated information for my classmates in my English class so that their work can be developed to a better or well organized format. I have also received and evaluated information in my geometry class for instance my homework or when working with a team in a problem. I have identified problems and formulated solutions in my geometry class and in my chemistry class which was difficult but…show more content…
Heaney when she talks to the whole class I feel like she is only talking to me because I am looking at her and listening which makes me even more focused on the person. I have articulated ideas and thoughts clearly when someone is explaining to me or when I am about to say something or before I action. As a Collaborative Worker: I have developed interpersonal skills by trying to make friends and talking to strangers in school that of course are in my class and by entering the teen entrepreneur academy in summer that led me to do presentation better than when I was in 9th grade. I have valued individuals ideas when working in a team or when debating in class or outdoors for example in my dance class and English class I have valued my classmates ideas in how to structure the steps or how to create a do what chart. I have contributed to a team in all my classes for example in my geometry class we students have our teams to work with and as well in my Spanish class that lets us communicate when we do not understand a lesson. As an Empowered…show more content…
Also by being organized with school work and my personal life. In personal behavior I remind myself to try my best and not to give up because it will not be any ones else fault but my own. In role modeling I have tried and will even try better to be a role model for those younger and older than me so they can say I admire you you are an inspiring living being. I have shown Integrity: In words such as not telling lies nor to my family, friends, and teachers. In actions such as always looking someone to their eyes when they are talking or when I am talking I always do because not only does it show respect but it also lets me focus on the person. In decisions I try to make the correct choices that I will not regret a minute later after I have made the decision. I have demonstrated Servant Leadership: By giving my time to those in need and helping others who just need someone to help them. In addition by giving advice to others for example my friends. By being a good follower to those doing the correct choices and those who make the wrong choices but are fixing
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