Yeast Bread Hypothesis

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1. Tim 2. 8.3 3. Yeast Bread Investigation 4. How does the type of sugar affect how quickly the dough rises. 5. Variables involved in the investigation A. How quickly the dough rises B. Type of sugar. C. Type of flour, type of yeast, type of milk, type of butter, amount of flour, amount of sugar, amount milk, amount of yeast, amount of milk, amount of butter, amount of water, room, 6. Hypothesis/Prediction A. If I change the type of sugar to white sugar, then it will rise the fastest because it produces the most carbon dioxide. B. Cagle, Michelle. "The Effect Of Different Sugars On Yeast | Leaftv". LEAFtv. N.p., 2016. Web. 21 Oct. 2016 . . 7. Experimental plan A. Materials: a. tools: i. Spoon ii. Mixer iii. 6 bowls iv. 3 cups v. Scale…show more content…
My conclusion for which sugar makes the dough rise faster is icing sugar. Using icing sugar helps the dough to rise faster and larger than the rest. The slowest one to make the dough rise is brown sugar. White sugar makes the dough rise in a more stable rate unlike the rest. B. My prediction was not correct because I predicted that white sugar would rise the fastest, but it was icing sugar. Icing sugar rise faster than white sugar. C. The doughs rise fastest in the time 40 and 60 minutes. In those times, the doughs rise the furthest. White sugar dough rises in a more stable rate than the rest. D. I think that using icing sugar help make the dough rise faster because it has more quantity than the rest. The weight is the same for all the sugar, but because icing sugar is smaller and lighter than the rest yet still similar properties, the yeast has more food to eat. 10. Evaluation A. I think that the investigation went well because I could see the difference between the rate that the dough rises. I could see that which dough rise the most and which could help me understand what helps bacteria eat more. I successfully made the dough and it all turned out well and edible. My experiment mostly went as I planned. I planned to make it rise high and fast, it rose not as high as I

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