The Importance Of Yeast In Tough

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Yeast in dough is a catalyst. It causes a chemical reaction that makes the dough expand and rise. Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is like yeast mixed into dough to leaven it. You can't see it working, except in its effects. Without yeast the dough becomes a flat stone. The presence of God in our life is a transforming power. With revitalized mind and heart we see how love conquers all. When we live for God in community with others our lifestyle becomes a catalyst of love. Rules and regulations will not suffice by themselves. The flaming desire in the heart is the fresh bread of life. As the freshness in the smell of a loaf of bread from the oven, so is the permeating presence of love that uplifts and attracts. Without the leaven and fire we blindly walk past…show more content…
Let me put a praying hand on your shoulder; and invite the Holy spirit to make you bolder. Do you take seriously the need of renewal in the Spirit, and how did you get fired up?

THE LETTER Recognize the exile of this life. When we admit it, we are already speeding toward the light. To live in that light is to have the fire. There are no detours, no shortcuts. Love is the destination and the journey. The book, The Letter, by Richard Paul Evans contains this excerpt.

. . . Love, for the sake of love, will always be enough. And if our lives are but a single flash in the dark hallow of eternity, then, if, but for the briefest moments, we shine--then how brilliantly our light has burned. And as the starlight knows no boundary of space or time, so, too, our illumination will shine forth throughout all eternity, for darkness has no power to quell such light. And this is a lesson we must all learn and take to heart--that all light is eternal and all love is light. And it must forever be so.

When two souls unite in care, both are born anew. There is no real love without sacrifice.

All religion is relational. It is the nature of love to be
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