Yeast Infection In Women Research Paper

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Yeast Infection in Women is a common infection and if you have ever suffered from it or you are currently on it you know that it is not dangerous but it is an uncomfortable and you just want to get rid of if.
The infection is caused by a fungus called yeast that is normally found in vagina but it causes the infection when it becomes growing uncontrollably. For some women it is not so simple as it becomes a recurrent infection and it they have difficulties curing it. The infection is so common that three of four women will get it once in their lifetime.
When a woman experience for the first time symptoms of a yeast infection they go to the doctor as they don’t know what is causing the symptoms of itching, burning, white stuff like cottage cheese
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Our body in a normal state take yeast in control but sometimes chemicals in our body can’t maintain the balance and then yeast infection may occur.
The inside of the vagina is acidic and this way fungus can live in normal amount but when something troubles the acidity by lowering it yeast begins to grow rapidly and causing yeast infection.
The lifestyle factors that can contribute in this chemical imbalance are listed below:
1- Tight underwear.
2- Synthetic underwear.
3- Over the counter feminine hygiene products (douches, scented sprays etc.)
4- Being overweight can cause yeast infection around the genitals and vagina too.
5- High sugar diet.
6- Not changing the tampons or pads at the right time causes yeast infection as it loves moisture and grows uncontrollably especially in summer.
7- Staying with wet swimsuit.

Antibiotics are another cause of yeast infection in women because antibiotics have not the ability to choose and kill only the bad bacteria but they kill all bacteria good and bad ones destroying the normal vaginal flora and lowering the acidity and yeast will grow rapidly causing yeast infection. All the antibiotics can cause it but in particular are known to be causing it is tetracycline and

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