Yellow Card Persuasive Speech

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In order to satisfy these rules, we have a zero tolerance policy for unacceptable behavior. Students who struggle to follow the rules will face the following consequences.
All classrooms are given yellow, red, and black cards. These cards represent a different level of misbehavior and based on these levels, students will be reprimanded accordingly.
Yellow Card: Mild misbehavior-disruptive to class once or twice, showing up late for class once during the day turning in assignments late, not following dress code. Conversation with student/mediation concerning the student involved
Red Card: Repeating behaviors involving yellow card, using profanity, damaging of property of students or of school, purposely missing class, repeatedly late arrival
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To symbolize the entrance of the first graders into the Grades program, each name is called and s/he receives a rose from a student of the oldest class. Intended as a welcoming to and reuniting of all the members of the Grades, this in-school festival is open to all members of the community. Michaelmas - September Michaelmas, the harvest festival, takes place in late September. It is the time of year to gather the harvest and our strength for the year ahead. In our community-wide weekend celebration, we may plant seeds and bulbs for the future, challenge ourselves through deeds of courage and strength, and with the fruits of the harvest season, make apple sauce and cider.
Halloween - October At the end of October, the Early Childhood and Little Friends participate in a Halloween Journey, visiting the archetypes of the farmer, fisherman, wizard (wise one), baker, etc. While on their outdoor journey around the grounds, children recite verses and songs, and receive a treasure to take home from each stop. The Lower Grades (1-5) celebrate Halloween by participating in an afternoon of folk dancing and storytelling. Called the Halloween Hoe-Down, this uplifting experience allows the grades to intermingle and have a healthy social experience while sharing dances and songs learned in individual
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In the grades, students are encouraged to share homemade Valentines with their classmates. Children in the early childhood program may work on seasonal handwork project and enjoy a special snack prepared by the parents. Easter/Spring - April at Easter time we welcome the renewal of spring when the physical world awakens, bringing new life to the Earth. Symbols of life renewing include the egg and the awakening of a caterpillar into a butterfly. These images are reflected in various activities, songs, and stories brought into the classroom.
Passover - April Passover is the Jewish celebration of miracle and liberation, the story of leaving Egypt as slaves and entering the Promised Land as free people. The Seder is the traditional meal eaten on the first and second nights of Passover. The grades celebrate with a traditional Seder meal; younger children might hear the story of Passover and Israel’s flight from Egypt, and become acquainted with the foods on the Seder

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