Short Story: The Merchant Yellow Eye Of The Pyramid

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Suspense story by Iris, Millie, Chelsea The Merchant Yellow Eye of the Pyramid It was a warm spring morning. I stepped onto the deserted streets of New York. It was 5 AM, and the only sound I could hear was the rolling of my overpacked suitcase wheels bumping against the uneven pavement and the distant sound of cars. I hailed a cab with my suitcase in my hand, ready to board on an airplane to Egypt. My partner Christopher Spinex and I had always been obsessed with the mysterious Egyptian pyramids, and this trip may be our chance to discover the shocking secrets behind them! I’m Henry Maddox, age 32, an archeologist. Being an archeologist, I had…show more content…
Our flashlights shone through the dark caverns, revealing lines after lines of hieroglyphics. Chambers after chambers, if it were not for the flashlights, i would have been blind by the darkness. We saw about 3 coffins now followed by jewels and treasure. “Incredible.” I said incredulously, “ Absolutely brilliant!” echoed Christopher. “ See those hieroglyphics? It translate to: Take jewels be dead.” Christopher declared proudly. Suddenly, our flashlight flickered. And as we took the next step our flashlights completely died. “Oh gods! Not now!” my partner cursed“ What do we do!” I asked in a panic. “ It’s fine” Christopher assured. “We can just turned around and….” his voice faltered. And as my pupils adjusted themselves to the dark i saw there were 2 other passageways. “Maybe we can each take one” suggested Christopher. I didn’t like it, but I had no other better suggestion so i nodded my head and complied. I took the right and Christopher took the left, before we went in our separate ways, Christopher said “Yell if anything happens...i hate to admit it Henry, but this place is getting on my nerves.” I looked around, deciding there’s no other options and walked in. After a few minutes a scream perieced through the air, it was not a surprised scream, it was the scream of a man in pure

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