Yellow Fever In Philadelphia

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This novel “Fever 1794” gave me the knowledge of the different perspectives of Philadelphia during the yellow fever outbreak. “Fever 1793” is a novel about a girl named Matilda and how she had to go through the deadly, depressing and horrible yellow fever outbreak, which affected her life in many different areas. Yellow fever was a disease that spread across Philadelphia in the late 1790s it was a deadly disease at that time because people didn't know the exact cause and the exact way to cure people who were diagnosed with it.For instance, Dr.Benjamin Rush who was a famous doctor at the time thought bleeding people by cutting a part on their arm so the bad infected blood would come out, many people thought that getting bled would cure them,…show more content…
Many people had the disease, and most of them were treated by local doctors, but the people who were lucky, got sent to Bush Hill where they had a medicine for curing yellow fever, but only a few people diagnosed with the fever could go to Bush Hill because Bush Hill was swarming with fever victims. Bush hill was built by Andre Hamilton, it was a hospital at the time were hundreds of sick patients were treated per week with yellow fever. Bush Hill had French doctors and because the French already had a yellow fever outbreak earlier the French were more experienced with what sort of medical support you needed. To wrap this all up,“Yellow Fever 1793” is a sensational novel, that gives me knowledge about that time period in detail, it gives me the knowledge of history because the more of history I know the easier I can put together the pieces of the world, but most importantly “Yellow Fever 1793” gives me the knowledge about life about death and about the world that surrounds
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