Yellow Fever Monologue

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“Lighten up, Mattie. I know that we both don’t want to go to Doge but, for our safety we have to do this,” Grandfather said concerned.
“But, I just can’t think that mom is sick and I’m not helping her, I feel so bad. I don’t want to get the yellow fever but I feel like I have to help her,” I replied.
Want an orange?” He asked.
I took the orange and started to peel it. It tased cool and sweet. It was amazing, my tastebuds were dancing in my mouth. Momma always said to care for anyone no matter what is happening to them but, she won’t let me help her. All I want to do is help her. I have a strong immune system, I can handle the yellow fever.
“I have never noticed how green this grass was,” Grandfather said observing the grass.
“You’re right,
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Excuse me?” They said in confusion.
“Because your baby has YELLOW FEVER and wouldn’t stop crying!” I yelled.
“Suzy, has yellow fever? How do you know that?” Lea asked.
“Well, her eyes are yellow, her puke is black and she won’t stop crying!” I screamed.
“If you are going to treat us this way, get off of your wagon!” They yelled back. “Okay we’ll be more than glad to get away from that infected thing you have in your hands!” I snapped. Grandfather really struggled to get off of wagon. Every step he took he needed me there. Grandfather could barely walk off of the wagon how are we going to walk all the way back to our house. But we are just going to make it, I’m sure of it. We will get home no matter what. We watched the wagon go off into the distance with the dust trailing off of it. “C’mon Grandfather we don’t need them. We can get back home in a matter of days. We got this,” I said encouragingly. Grandfather started to puke out black puke and blood everywhere and he didn’t move. “Grandfather?” I asked. “ There is a town to the West a little bit that has horses there, you’ll need them. Mattie, I just want to let you know that you are a strong girl like your mother, you can get through this without me. I love you to the moon and back. ,” He
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I really need that horse I need to find out how I’m going to get it. I walked to saloon and got a drink. I sat there for 2 hours thinking about how I could get the horse with my money. But I realized that if I want this horse I can 't get it with my money. I need to steal it. I think that it’s my only way of getting home in a reasonable time so, I’m stealing her. When the farmer is sleeping I have to go in and take Taylor out of her stall and put all my stuff on it and just leave the town forever. I can never go back to the town or the farmer will remember me. I watched the sun moving and the birds. The sun is about to set and I put my stuff right next to the barn where I will get out. I’ve never been so nervous in my life before. I can’t believe that I’m doing this. I just saw the farmer go to bed. I saw the farmer walk into his house. I walked into the barn. the barn was pitch black I couldn 't see anything except for the dim light that was hanging above Taylor’s stall. Every step I took there was a creaking noise or animal noise, it is super scary. I got Taylor and I 'm walking her out right now I hope the farmer doesn 't hear me because he woke up and came into the bar and I hid behind Taylor and he didn 't see me so hopefully he will not come out
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