Yellow Fever Research Paper

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Believe It or Not, Asian Women Don’t Like To Be Objectified Stereotypes exist everywhere. For each and every group of people one can imagine, there is a myriad of stereotypes that is indefinitely and exclusively associated with them. Naturally, Asian Americans have many generalizations that follow us around our entire lives. Most commonly, Asians are known for their excellence in mathematics, notorious frugality, and poor driving. However, the generalizations that are not discussed as often lie within the harmful idea of “yellow fever.” Yellow fever is the term given to the alarming fascination, or more specifically, the offensive sexual preference that a faction of non-Asian people have towards Asians, who have “yellow” skin. During my second…show more content…
He spoke to me as though people did not bear any distinctive or unique traits within the ethnic group that they identify with. The idea that a man would be interested in a girl solely because of the color of her skin and have absurd expectations to impose upon her is wrong, and it’s disgusting. Yellow fever stems from ideas and generalizations derived from archaic traditions and mainstream media that we are submissive, exotic, and eager to please. It is impossible to Google the term “Asian girl” without Asian specific porn websites, special dating services, and countless inappropriate images. As for television and movies, Asian women are portrayed as flat, two-dimensional characters, with few distinctive traits. This new wave of Asian fetishization is considered racist, offensive, and should come to an end. Women who have the same or similar mindsets to Jennifer put themselves at risk for potentially abusive relationships. Yellow fever is something that should be shunned and avoided, not welcomed or encouraged. The fact that Jennifer among others would be comfortable around a person who values another human being because of their cultural heritage is…show more content…
This mindset explains why these men seem to think they don’t have to do much to earn our warmth and affections. Objectification is a major factor in yellow fever. The very definition of fetish in Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary is an object or bodily part whose real or fantasized presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression. This definition does not mention people once, but rather objects or a small part of a person. Asian women are not seen as human beings through the eyes of men with yellow fever. They are seen as objects that exist to satisfy needs, and nothing more. In addition to Jennifer’s comment, Becca, a good friend of mine, mentioned recently that if an Asian girl were looking for guys who were interested in Asian girls, she could take an Asian American studies class. I mentioned that these men would most likely have yellow fever, and that she wouldn’t want a guy like that in the first place. However, she argued that she was attracted to white men, and if a white man liked Asian girls, it would be a win-win
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