Yellow Journalism Speech

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Yellow Journalism

Good morning ladies and gentlemen and thank you for attending my speech. Today my main focus would be to inform all of you about journalism but not just any journalism it is yellow journalism. So how does putting the word yellow in front of journalism make it different? Yellow Journalism by definition is the uses of sensationalism and exaggeration to attract readers. It is usually not well-researched and usually comes from a lot of unnamed or illegitimate sources. It would also go as far to have fake interviews and pictures which are fake most of the time or used to imply a wrong message. The term “Yellow Journalism came up during the newspaper
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Yellow kid was a super success as it was used to describe lots of news. Pulitzer turned “The New York World” in to the highest circulating and most popular newspaper in the whole of New York. The idea of mixing solid news coverage with sensationalism made it much more popular among the citizens of New York. Though even with that eventually Hearst managed to lure most of Pulitzer’s staff to his own paper. That helped “The New York Journal” increase its own sale and soon started become more circulating than Pulitzer’s “The New York World” paper. Soon after there was a claim that Remington one of Hearst’s reporters sent him a telegram from Cuba stating that there was not much going on there and Hearst wrote back to him saying “you furnish the pictures and ill furnish the war.” This although not proven could very well be the reason why the American Spanish war took place for. As there were lots of false articles published by both Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst about the Spanish having a plot to sink The Maine, a US…show more content…
It has simply been replaced with informed, very intelligent and unbiased reporting. Human Trafficking, Sex, violence and war are some of the most important topics for the money. Television has taken it a step ahead. The borderline between news and entertainment and telling them apart are so distorted, an individual can hardly tell the differences. Newspaper nowadays also carry articles which are based upon claims from unnamed sources. This gives these articles an opportunity to allow society to express baseless allegations. This can also be considered a violation for journalism itself as the idea of journalism is to unravel the truth for the people rather than feeding them false news. This comes to show that the goal of journalism has slowly started to shift towards profits and sales record. This is the evolution of yellow journalism which is why many people have started to claim that this is purely unprofessional
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