Personal Narrative: My Trip To Yellow Stone

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Yellow Stone is an amazing national park. It is located in wyoming, USA and is very exciting. I went to Yellow Stone last year and it was awesome. We went to the hot springs, gysers, and we even got to see a bear and buffalo. Although we didn't stay there for long we still saw a ton of natral beauty. My favorite part of the trip was probably the hot gysers. they were so colorful and beautiful. I would love to go back sometime. Yellow Stone is great for all ages, and there's things for everyone to do.

From bears and buffalo to spiders and ants, there is a wide varriaty of wildlife in Yellow Stone. According to Natinal Park Service there are 61 diffrent mammals. Over 500 black bears, and more than 370 gray wolves that take part in the ecosystem. There are elk, mule deer, bison, moose, bighorn sheep, pronghorn, white-tailed deer, bears, wolves, bison, badgers, otters, wolverine, lynx, foxes, and other non-native mountain goats. These are only a few of the many species that call Yellow Stone thier home. Did you know that Yellow Stone holds one of the largest herds of elk in the United States, with a a total of 15,000 elk in Yellow Stone? Also the wolverine and lynx are some of the most
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There are also board walks, where you can see many diffrent and various thermal features. I remember wlking down the board walks with my family. We were all restless, hot, and it smelled horrible.It was also cloudy. We saw some awesome melting colorful goop. It was awesome! we also saw some melting pots that looked like boiling clay, or sement. I also remember after seeing the melting pots, we walked back to the car. On the way back I was kicking a rock and my siblings would try to steal it from me, and my mom was talking to some other people that we met there. And I remember feeling so good about bieng able to keep the rock away from

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