Yellow Wallpaper: A Short Story Of The Yellow Wallpaper

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"The Yellow Wall-Paper" is a short story from the perspective of a woman who has just had her baby and has now moved into a mansion styled home with her husband. Following the birthing, the narrator must get rest and stay away from things that will stimulate her too much according to her husband, John, a Physician. John tries to keep his wife secluded from the other people working at the home and some of the beauties and gardens outside. The room that the two make into theirs is on the third floor of the home in a room that was once used as a nursery. This room has a faded, yellow wallpaper that the narrator becomes unsatisfied with over time along with the other imperfections that the room has due to it being decrepit such as windows that have boarded up. The narrator is put on bedrest and only has the company of her notebook in which she writes down her story and the way she is feeling after giving birth as well as her recovery. With John being out of the house most days to work with other patients, the narrator expresses her loneliness and hatred for being stuck up in an awful room and not being allowed to go out and see the garden and meet people. In her notebook, she also describes how she feels about her husband 's care towards her. Since a member of her family, the narrator 's brother is also a Physician she is aware of how condescending they can be towards their patients. John has given her a selection of concoctions that were said to ease her mind and body after

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