Yellowstone Contributions To America

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First National Park Yellowstone contributed to America by getting all sorts of tourist so it made them money. There were tourist from all over the world coming to see the beautiful place. There is about 3,447,729 visitors each year. Well I would like to start it off by the contribution Yellowstone had to America. The thing Yellowstone did was it got the people in the United States more motivated on creating things. So when they did this it got people up and moving and wanting to grow. It also set-up foundations for any family 's that worked there. It increased the population in Wyoming also in the United States. This creation gave people in America and in the world more activities. It also gave people more of a reason to come see the great…show more content…
The new thing found made the country proud of the country. People kept finding new things in this country so that is how it would be created. There were many people going into Yellowstone finding more and more things. Like one of the biggest things they found out of this was the biggest geyser Old Faithful. There is stuff in Yellowstone right now that we still don 't know about. The reason why we still don 't know everything is because it is approximately 2,219,789 acres.So that is just too much for them to figure out everything about it. Yellowstone got its name from the Yellowstone River that runs right through it. It was one of the last regions to be found in the United States. Yellowstone is known as one of America’s greatest treasures to be found. Yellowstone was one of the first national parks to be created in the United States also first in the world. It attracted tourist from everywhere. It saved animals in the area because there could have been some that lose a parent and then the people that work there could have saved them. There were reporters all over Yellowstone trying to finding something new so that they could make money. There were also photographers out there trying to get good pictures so that they could sell for money. There were painters trying to find good views so that they could later sell their paintings for a lot of money. Everyone was going there to try to make a bunch of…show more content…
When Yellowstone national park was created it gave people throughout the country motivation to finding job. Yellowstone had to hire certain firefighters that worked for them so that if there was a fire they could have them immediately get it put out. When there is a fire it makes Yellowstone lose a lot of money. It helped the painters with their job because they would go out there and get really good pictures. It helped the people who put news paper in because it gave them more stuff to put into the news. There were people drawing cartoons of Yellowstone around the country. They could broadcast movies up in Yellowstone. People started volunteering because they thought that it would be fun to work at Yellowstone. It gave people throughout the country more opportunities in

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