Yellowtone National Park Compare And Contrast

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Two famous explorers that both explored the Yellowstone National Park. And its harsh weather and one of the explorers back then exploring undiscovered. The similarities these two impacting the future of the park. These men have differences to make the park as it is now and what time difference then had. These brave men are John Colter and Tom Murphy, in at different time changed Yellowstone. John Colter was part of one of the most interesting explorations of his time. He was mostly known for in 1808 when he explored unknown terrain now called Yellowstone all on his own. But before that in October 15 in 1803 he joined the famous Louis and Clark expedition. On their journey they encountered a tribe called the Blackfeet and captured Colter, Louis, Clark and a man named John Potts who was killed by the tribe. Colter 's route from 1807 on a map was published by William Clark in 1914.…show more content…
With his there was having a lot of snow retardant stuff and what he is carrying are small enough to fit in one book bag. It’s a little bit smaller that what they carried back then and most snow retardant. He carried with him was seventy pounds of meat, a mini stove, jacket/coat, mittens, lamp, water bottle, tarp, and a three pound sleeping bag. The tarp was for him to sleep under wraps around a four sticks in a figure eight knot. There are many differences and similarities on the two explorers and what they did and I 'm going to just list a couple of them. They both explored the Yellowstone, but Murphy went alone and Colter went with other people. Colter ran into a tribe that killed one of his members, but they both went through the cold harsh winter season. Murphy didn’t went with anyone on his journey Colter went with Luis and Clark to explore the land. Even though they come from different times they both experienced what Yellowstone provided
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