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Two juicy meat patties coated with cheese, drenched in spread, topped with grilled onions, served with lettuce and tomato, all complied together between two toasted buns are craved throughout the west coast. The fast food restaurant, In-N-Out, is known for their signature double-double burger, along with fresh, hand-cut fries and creamy shakes. Almost no one can resist the fast food phenomena. Due to the restaurant 's popularity the drive thru lines seem almost endlessly long, which leaves west coast natives questioning whether they can make the items on the menu themselves and nonnatives questioning the quality of the restaurant. Both inquiries can be answered through the written genres: online recipes and yelp restaurant reviews. The two genres…show more content…
The written genre addresses a cook 's concerns on how to create a dish, typically including step-by-step instructions allowing the reader to follow along efficiently and thoroughly. The genre follows a universal design by first listing the ingredients either by bullet points or in a note taking format. In cases where there are multiple parts for a dish, each part will have its ' list of ingredients. Following the ingredients, directions are presented in a step-by-step numerical sequence. Due to the orderly pattern of the instructions the reader can easily refer to previous steps, as well as accomplishing short term goals. Directions can also be given in brief, incomplete sentences, such as stir occasionally. This is seen in the In-N-Out copycat recipe for a double-double burger in step ten when the author states, to "top with tomato and lettuce" (Wilkes). The author 's word choice is basic vocabulary in order to appeal to an audience of all education levels. Concluding the recipe is an information section giving the serving size and a brief comment section where the author can communicate with the readers. Moreover, these conventions for a general recipe are included in online personal food blogs, along with pictorial images of the dish and a personal…show more content…
In summary, the topic of In-N-Out includes the two written genres of an online recipe and a yelp review. Both genres consist of contrasting genre conventions, but ultimately convey the overall purpose to appeal the reader to the dishes of the restaurant, whether it be dining at the establishment or cooking the dish at home. The general use of written genre conventions is to establish structure to the given genre. These conventions create unity with numerous pieces of works and enable easy duplication of the text. This idea supported in Kerry Dirk 's "Navigating Genres" when Dirk explains that, "These similarities within genres help us to communicate successfully." (Dirk 259). This successful communication is displayed through the through the genres that

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