Yemassee Police Department Case Study

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At 0903 hours, on May 5, 2016, I, Cpl. Lessane, with the Hampton County Sheriff’s Office, responded to Yemassee Police Department, in the Yemassee area of Hampton County, in regards to an verbal assault between an Insurance Agent and the Mayor of Yemassee. Bobby Arnett, agent from All State stated he was threatened by the Mayor of Yemassee, Jerry Cook, when he attempted to go recover an vehicle from Jerry’s Used Cars. Mr. Arnett stated upon his arrival, Mr. Cook arrived at his business shortly after him and made verbal threats to kill him. Yemassee Police Department was immediately notified who then notified the Hampton County Sheriff’s Office.
Mr. Arnett stated at approximately 8:25 AM, on the above listed date and time; he arrived
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He stated upon his arrival, he spoke to one of the males who works for Jerry’s Wrecker (described to be a heavy set white guy) who at the time confirmed the phone number to the business, and also confirmed Jerry’s Wrecker were closed on Tuesday). He then stated he asked the Wrecker driver why the business would not release the vehicle in question (Mr. King’s vehicle) in which he received a response that no one attempted to pick up the vehicle. Mr. Arnett stated he advised the male subject that his statement wasn’t true in which (CO- Part) out of Savannah, Georgia has made several attempts to reach out to Jerry’s Wrecker. He then stated he called (CO- Part) and spoke with someone by the name of, Keyon Hicks, at telephone number (912-508-0345 or 912-233-1936. Mr. Arnett continued to state while on the phone with Mr. Hicks, Mr. Cook came into the
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