Yes Chef Case Study

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In today’s world technology has proven to behave as the medium through which businesses function. Allowing them to use technology as a competitive advantage by using business information systems (BIS), which is defined as the channel through which people, information technology and businesses are connected. (Gunasekaran, 2013)
The significance of business oriented information systems is based on the increased speed of gathering and distributing information. Furthermore, since information is accurate, tailored to specifications and is up-to-date, the process of decision improves and is taken faster. For instance, business information systems are capable of preparing cost estimates and forecasting reports for analysis. Therefore, business information
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• Environment: Yes chef operates in a highly competitive environment as new catering companies rise to battle with it; however, it maintains its current position in the market through the services provided. Demographically, Yes chef has recognized the demand for healthy food and has attempted to address the issue by calorie counting their meals. Additionally, Yes chef’s nutritionist has developed healthful menus that do not compromise with taste.

• Strategies: Yes chef, the catering company has developed strong enterprise and department strategies that help achieve a competitive advantage in the market by providing high quality consumer tailored meals. These strategies have tried to work along with the work system but with limited success.

• Infrastructure: The infrastructure of Yes chef has improved in the aspect of technology. The company uses its set up Facebook page and Twitter to communicate with potential clients, post interesting facts on various cuisines with an aim to attract customers.
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Furthermore, customers are important participants, as they are involved in the activities of the work system at an early stage of ordering meals from the company.

• Information: Some of the information processed by this work system consists of orders by clients, customized lists of menus ordered from them, address of locations, menu details, cost of dishes, client invoices and also, details of available raw materials are also termed as information. Moreover, participants are also involved in verbal communications such as interactions between chefs, directions given by the head chef to his colleagues, employees assuring clients on customer satisfaction.

• Technologies: Yes chef uses catering managing software programs to keep tract of their information. It utilizes its website as a tool to display their available services including a wide variety of menus. The company also utilizes programs such as the online staffing system that helps tract employee
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