Yes Means Yes Analysis

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Upon reading the summary of Yes Means Yes by Samantha Huey I felt this was a well presented PowerPoint with good information. In the book Yes Means Yes, it gives you a new understanding of what rape is today. Before I read this book and the research portion of it, I had a great understanding of rape and how the world views women who have claimed they were raped. As stated in the book women are often blamed for being raped, which is very sad to say the least. How much did she drink and was she giving mixed signals is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you are told that someone was raped. In reality, when woman say no there should be no other contributing factors that allowed her to be sexually violated. Many people consider most rapist are strangers, and this is simply not true. In rape cases, family members, close friends, or someone you have met before are more likely to commit rape. In the book it states “rape is a compliment” and “you fat whores would be lucky to even get raped by someone”. This quotes are from two rape survivors and to hear comments like this is awful. Prior to reading this I had not thought that much about Latinos crossing the border with sexual infections.…show more content…
I have read half of this book before and remember the book explaining educating everyone to value women and there being much talk about ending rape and punishments. I also thought the statistics should have been organized better because the statistics and facts kept jumping around to new topics of rape. I also understand it is difficult to put all of the research in a power point, because I also struggled with deciding what I should put in mine. Lastly, rape is a major issue in the United States and other countries and I believe this topic was very board and a certain aspect of rape should have been researched
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